Mascenic Regional School District Vision

“We will provide students with the skills to become effective participants in a democratic society.”

We will do this by providing students with a sense that:

  • Acquiring knowledge is a lifelong pursuit

  • Using their skills to assist others and advance society is a worthy objective.

  • Democracy can only succeed with knowledgeable and active participants.

Mission Statement

The Mascenic Regional School District is dedicated to the development of lifelong learners by:

  • Providing a rigorous, personal, educational opportunity

  • Fostering a coordinated continuous learning environment

  • Supporting the traditions and character of our communities  

  • Encouraging high standards of social behavior, ethics and cooperation  

We will follow these guiding principles in a fiscally responsible manner

as we prepare our students to lead, serve and thrive in our community, our country and the globe.

Core Beliefs

  1. We expect excellence in education for all students.  

  2. We believe all students can learn.

  3. We believe students, staff, teachers and families should be responsible partners in learning.

  4. Students should be interested and active participants in a democratic society.

  5. Students should be lifelong learners.