Business Office Contacts

The Business Office provides a number of services such as: financial, facilities support, food service support.  We work with various State and federal agencies.  We collaborate with district staff, community members and vendors with whom the district contracts for services. 

Photo of Beth Baker, Business Administrator

Lizabeth Gregory, Business Administrator
Phone: (603) 291-2005

Photo of Craig Reynolds, Facilities Director

Craig Reynolds, Director of Facilities
Phone: (603) 291-2007

Photo of Kent Hardin Food Service Director

Kent Hardin, Food Services Manager
Phone: (603) 878-1113

Photo of Irene Woodward, Payroll & Benefits Coordinator

Irene Woodward, Payroll/Benefit Coordinator Phone: (603) 291-2010

Lauri Phote

Laurie Olsen, Accounts Payable Coordinator Phone: (603) 291-2004

No Photo

Diane Legendre, Grants Manager
Phone: (603) 291-2013