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1 . Please read this circulation Open Enrollment Instructions and if you require additional information on Medical/Dental

and Vision, please go to and select Mascenic to view

SchoolCare’s Enrollment Guide and medical plan webinars.

2 . IF you are making changes to your health, dental, or visions plans, please go to, select Mascenic, and complete the online fillable

Enrollment/Change Form. Print the form and include it as part of your open enrollment

materials for the SAU Payroll Office.

3 . Complete the SAU Payroll Deduction Authorization Form and return to the Payroll Office.

4 . Complete and return, if desired:

a. FSA Enrollment Form

b . Short Term Disability Enrollment Form

c . Direct Deposit Authorization Form (needed if adding an H SA!)

d. IRS Form W-4

5 . If you are interested in starting a 403B, please read the included instructions and follow the


6 . If you need assistance, please stop by the Payroll Office from 2:30-4 p.m., Monday, May 6

through Thursday, May 9.

7 . Return your materials to the SAU Payroll Office by Friday, May 10 , 2024 .


Beth Gregory, Business Administrator - 603-291-2005

Irene Woodward, Payroll Manager - 603-291-2010

SchoolCare - 603-836-5031

Cigna - 800-244-6224