PBS Show - Update


Dear Parents,


As you heard, PBS filmed some footage of the 4th grade students while on our field trip at the Discovery Center on May 23rd.  The filming will be part of the local companion program for Chasing the Moon, which is about the Apollo 11 lunar landing.


Please check out the following shows to see if the 4th graders made it into any footage.


PBS Website: pbs.org/summer-of-space/  




Reminder: the 50th anniversary of the moon landing is on July 20 and there will be big happenings at the McAuliffe-Shepard Center. This is the day they said they would be showing the video recorded of the kids in "Back to the Moon." Also, CNN is airing "Apollo 11" at 9 pm on June 23, with never-before-seen footage. It should be great!


The 4th Grade Team