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Monday, February 11th was the 100th day of school and the Kindergarten classes celebrated in grand style.  The day consisted of the children counting many objects​ by tens to make 100.  These activities included:  necklaces, trail mix, and work mats.  Much to our surprise, a special visitor flew in to meet the kindergarten students!  It was Zero the Hero!  Each child even received a special 100th day snack and made their very own Zero the Hero cape!  Thank you, Zero the Hero, for making our day 100 times more fun! The picture of the students is of them counting by 10 to 100 with the aid of a video.

Mrs. Elizabeth Pogorzelski, Principal of Boynton Middle School was the special guest for both the morning and afternoon sessions. She acted the part with gusto and the students were thrilled. Thank you to Liz for being such a great sport!

Pictures from 100th day:

The 3rd Grade teachers transformed their classrooms overnight into an Oregon Trail paradise.  While this is a Social Studies unit, the theme will be integrated into all subjects.  The students were thrilled with their classroom transformation. Truly amazing! 


Click the link below to see pictures from the Oregon Trail classrooms:


Oregon Trail Classroom Pictures




The second grades at HHES did a month long project learning about different habitats around the world.

Each classroom chose a different habitat to study and then students researched and wrote about an animal from that habitat. The habitats included the Arctic, the Rain Forest, Woodland Animals and African Safari. Students then presented their animals at our “Habitat Hall”.  Each student dressed in costume to represent their animals and told facts about their animals to visiting parents, families, and community members. The students were impressive. It was a huge success and was fun for all!


Click this link below to view pictures from the presentation.

 2nd Grade Habitat Presentation Pictures


4th Grade Team had tshirts made saying "NWEA You Will Meet your GOAL TODAY to cheer on their students. 

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