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Boynton Middle School 7th Grade Team

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Language Arts

Karyn Veeser

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Social Studies

7th Grade 2017 Letter and Student Supply List

Dear Parents and incoming 7th Graders:

Welcome to 7th grade!  We are looking forward to a great year.  To help make a smooth transition to 7th grade we have included a list of behavioral and academic expectations as well as a list of supplies.  We encourage all 7th graders to come prepared to class daily with supplies and assignment pads (supplied by the school on day one).

Be courteous and respectful by:

Listening to others.

Raising hand and being recognized before speaking.

Using low voices during group work.

Being silent during instructions.

Be cooperative by:

Listening and following directions.

Moving in and out of groups efficiently. 

Helping your group be successful.

Be honest by:

Doing your best.

Asking questions when you don’t understand.

Doing quality work.

Always follow the rules in the Student Handbook

7th grade supply list:

General supplies: colored pencils, highlighters different colors, pens and pencils

Math: One 2in binder, one 5 subject  spiral bound notebook or 5 single subject notebooks, one pocket folder for homework, pencils(wooden or mechanical), extra lead, erasers, hand held pencil sharpener that has an attached container for shavings, pens(any color not neon), 12inch ruler, Calculator that has a square root sign and +/- positive/negative integer button. Calculator cost should not exceed $10.

ELA: Two 1 subject spiral bound notebooks (at least 70pages), One 1.5 inch 3 ring binder, One set of dividers

Civics:  Folder with pockets or small binder

Science: One 2in binder with filler paper, index cards standard size

Download a copy of the letter.

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