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Boynton Middle School 5th Grade Team

Jennifer LaBelle
Language Arts

Sarah Pope
Social Studies

Tammi Schaumloffel

5th Grade 2017 Letter and Student Supply List

Dear parents of incoming fifth grade students,

Welcome to Boynton Middle School! We are all looking forward to an enjoyable and productive year working with you and your children. As a team, the fifth grade teachers have developed a list of items your child should have for each class, these items will need to be replaced periodically. To facilitate a more productive year we ask that your child to be prepared with the following:

  1. Pencils: all year long – EVERY DAY – we can’t express this enough – pencil donations are greatly appreciated!

  2. Trapper keeper or 2-3 inch binder and a pencil pocket

  3. Blue & black pens

  4. Highlighters of different colors

  5. 3 - Single subject notebooks  

  6. 5 - Three holed folders (plastic holds up better)

  7. Dry erase markers

  8. Spiral notebook of 3 x 5 index cards (need approx. 200 cards)

If you are unable to supply these items, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher. Individual teachers may require other items throughout the year as the need arises.

We would appreciate any donations of: boxes of tissues, rolls of paper towels, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, and zip-loc baggies (sandwich & gallon sizes).

We would like to encourage all parents to take an active part in your child’s 5 th grade experience. We suggest the following:

  • We require a parent to check and sign your child’s assignment notebook daily.  As your child is now at the middle school, expect that there will be homework Monday – Thursday, but not in ALL subjects each day. Your signature means you have seen your child’s completed homework.

  • It is your child’s responsibility to write their own homework assignment OR to write “NO HOMEWORK”, into their assignment notebook for each class.  

  • Ask your child to show you corrected homework, quizzes, and tests and encourage your child when they ask you for help at home. You may check their progress at any time on Powerschool (their username & password is the same as in 4th grade) and have reports of their progress emailed to you.

  • Please provide your child with a quiet space in which to work on homework. Also, as there are some projects that need to be completed at home please have available:  A dictionary, pencils, ruler, coloring implements, glue stick, and lined paper.

  • Look for notices from the school & updated information in your child’s backpack; much of this is also available online on our school website.

  • Encourage your child to keep organized. Backpacks/book bags should be sorted through together at home on a weekly basis. Please do not throw out unit work from social studies or science until the unit test is returned as these papers will be used to study for the test and as extra credit at times.

  • Your child will have all four teachers, one teacher per subject. Mrs. Hill will teach math, Mrs. Veeser will teach science, Mrs. LaBelle will teach ELA, and Ms. Pope will teach social studies.

  • Students will be traveling with their homerooms throughout the day, except for Unified Arts and RTI. Placements may change as we get to know students’ needs.

It is very important that your child understand that missing, late, or poorly done homework/projects can greatly decrease their average. Quizzes and tests are created from these assignments and studying for these is a form of homework.

We look forward to working with you and your children!

Thank you,

Fifth Grade Team

Ms. Pope, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. LaBelle, and Mrs. Veeser

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