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Mascenic Schools receive $50,000 from Anonymous Benefactor

Dr. Steve Russell, Supt.

 I am writing to confirm that the promise of an annual donation of $50,000 in funding to support  Mascenic School District programs has become a reality!

 During this past fall, I reported that we had received notice through the Maine Community Foundation that a donor from the area who wished to remain anonymous had made arrangements through their organization to make an annual contribution of $50,000 to the Mascenic Schools. The purpose of this donation as stipulated in the letter of notice is to “benefit the extracurricular programs in the district”.

 What I first believed to have been a practical joke however has become a reality. This spring teams of teachers/administrators were formed in each school. They were given the challenge of developing a proposal on how best their school could utilize these funds (the 50k was divided on a per student basis). Once complete these proposals were reviewed by the Mascenic School Board and submitted to the Maine Community Foundation for review.

 Yesterday we received word that the Mascenic proposal has been approved. We expect to be receiving the funds within the next few weeks. (A copy of the proposal follows). In notifying me of the news, LIz Fickett a representative of the Foundation said that they “were very pleased with out proposal and are fully funding it.” She went on to express their appreciation of “how much time and effort was put into using this grant to improve the quality of education for so many students.” She described our proposal as containing “a nice mix of direct-to-student benefits, equipment, clothing and staffing”.


I want to stress how pleased and appreciative we are of this person’s generosity and willingness to contribute to our efforts to provide our students with a great mix of opportunities and activities. We thank you.

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