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Mascenic Regional School District Curriculum

Welcome to the Mascenic School District’s curriculum site. Our goal in sharing these pages is to promote and inform parents about what Mascenic students are learning in their classrooms. We believe that excellent teaching is responsive to the learning needs of our students, current research, the school calendar, and many other factors.

As you view our progressions of learning, or curriculum maps, please keep in mind that a dynamic curriculum is fluid; a living, breathing document that is constantly in a state of revision and improvement.

Our progressions of learning are not lesson plans.   As progressions of learning are designed, many resources such as subject related curriculum frameworks and curriculum expectations by subject area are reviewed.  These progressions of learning are then collaboratively created by our teachers, along with curriculum coaches, who spend many hours reaching consensus about the essential curriculum for our students. 

Although we have a consistent essential district curriculum, teachers often do not teach the same topics at the same time or in the same way. For more detail on day-to-day functioning of the classroom, we encourage parents to review their child's assignments and homework, visit the teacher’s webpage, and attend parent-teacher conferences on a regular basis. 

We hope that you find our curriculum site to be informative and helpful. If you have questions, comments, or feedback, we invite you to share them with your child’s teacher, administrator, or the curriculum coach at the SAU.


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